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1 - Testimonial from a user on the Alternative to Care scheme

There are a lot of differences between how things were where I used to live and what I can do now – I'm able to catch a bus, go out to the supermarkets or the beach, go swimming and I'm near to my Pilates class, cafes and shops. I am planning to start a Salsa dancing class.

Before I came to Bank House I was isolated and now I'm more motivated and full of energy from my surroundings.

I have even been inspired start a course in Exeter and to eventually become a Support Worker myself.

I am taking responsibility for myself now and making good progress.

I have more money now and manage that myself, I have my own phone line and broadband computer and pay the bills independently.

I go out with friends and go to pubs and clubs, we like watching live music.

I'm looking forward to moving on to the next step and even more independent living.


2 - Testimonial from a user on the Alternative to Care scheme

Personal Testimony

Since moving to Bank House I have experienced many and varied benefits. Chief amongst these are increasing confidence, increasing self-esteem and increasing sense of responsibility for myself, reduced anxiety and reduced paranoia.

I have significantly reduced my medication in the six months I have been living at Bank House, coming off two medications and I am gradually withdrawing from a third.

 The flat gives me an increased sense of independence, more peace and quiet and an increasing sense of freedom. The management and mental health support workers encourage me and enable me, are positive, honest, respectful, tolerant and caring.

 Since moving to Bank House, I am going to the shops every day and the cinema and the pub occasionally whereas before I was almost totally isolated and reclusive.

 I appreciate the help with practical matters I receive and access to training and education. Friends and family visit regularly, I have more of a social life now. I have an increasing sense of freedom and control over my own life.