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Autism Services

Autism - The Lycette Care Approach

At Lycette Care we offer a comprehensive and specialised approach to caring for adults with autistic spectrum disorders. We offer:

  • Highly staffed care and support packages
  • Autism specific Psychologist's support
  • We use a selection of ABA, Narrative therapy and CBT to ensure a user led, needs first assessment.
  • Highly trained, experienced staff led by a well qualified management team
  • Structured leisure activities coupled with educational activities that are challenging yet person centred and achievable
  • Independent living skills training
  • A commitment to ordinary life
  • Comprehensive assessments and care plans specifically designed for each Service User that reflect their current needs and are reviewed regularly to allow for change
  • Our sister company is The Devon Autism Centre and we work in tandem with them to provide an exceptionally high level of service
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We ensure that all our Service Users receive a comprehensive care package that reflects their needs and that our staff are well trained in the application of the care package. We adopt a positive, life long approach to assisting our Service Users live with their autism.

References from current Service Users, associated professionals and families of Service Users are available on request.